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Corporate Organizational Structure

Key Management Team

President, Director,
Mr. Phil D'Angelo
Mr. D’Angelo, a university graduate holding a BA in Business Administration with over 25 years of professional experience brings broad expertise in a wide range of disciplines including business development, finance, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, valuation, and asset management. He has worked over two decades as a consultant to a number of private and public companies, some of which are Investcan Financial Corp., Basis 100, Cervus Financial Group and Canadian Crude Separators later known as CCS Income Trust.

Mr. D’Angelo has proven to be a critical part of helping management refine its strategy and provide guidance on the execution of growth opportunities. Successful marketing strategies have resulted in the sale or growth of companies allowing them the opportunity to pursue new business ventures. In recent years his primary focus has been devoted to raising capital, formal restructuring, marketing strategies, capital markets and the introduction and implementation of new technologies in both domestic and international markets.

Chief Financial Officer,
Mr. Gordon Travis
Gordon has a unique blend of hands on strategic leadership experience from start up small cap enterprises through to large project and corporate enterprise projects and operations. Experiences include working in a start up oil and gas enterprise which after 6 years had a vaule of several hundred million dollars. Having run a small cap venture business his experience crosses private equity and public regulatory finance and compliance. One of his key attributes is focusing on results, using resources effectively towards goals including partnering and strategic relationships to an objective or vision

Gordon has extensive experience in Oil and Gas; E&P, Midstream and Process operations. Other direct experiences cover Financial Systems, Medical Information/Processing sytems, Health and Safety, Travel, Communications and other industries. He has had successes in many capacities as Controller, CFO, Operational and Systems Process, Advisor, Venture Management, Coach, Public and Private Directorship and Committee Chair.

Chairman of the Board,
Mr. Scott Berry
Mr. Berry has founded and managed several companies including the communications agency, Energy Communications, as well as Infovest. Through his involvement in the energy sector, which stretches back over 20 years, Mr. Berry has worked directly with hundreds of public and private companies in a host of areas including oil and gas exploration and production, oil and gas services, mining and technology. Through his facilitation, these firms have successfully gained exposure to capital markets throughout North America and Western Europe. Additionally, he is an active volunteer who has held directorship positions in many non-profit organizations over the years. Born and raised in Calgary.

Mr. John MacMillan
John MacMillan has thirty five years of oil and gas industry experience in Canada and the USA in the engineering, exploration, production, and service sectors of the business.  John is directly involved as a major shareholder, officer, and director of several private and public corporations engaged in oil and gas exploration and production, from incorporation through to the marketing of a product.  He has extensive hands on experience in equity financing of companies through private and public financings and entrepreneurial expertise with strong managerial, interpersonal, administrative and technical skills.

Mr. Frank Antolovich
Mr. Antolovich has over 30 years experience in the oil & gas industry mainly in Western Canada including eight years of field work culminating in key decision making roles such as VP Sales & Marketing for a major multinational independent service provider in Canada and USA. Frank's has added value to the companies he has been associated with through his extensive expertise in Calgary city oilfield service/product sales and is currently the Canadian Region Manager, Oilfield Technology for an American multinational conglomerate corporation.

Mr. Bob Tutty
Bob Tutty is 58 years of age and retired after 25 years from the Calgary Police Service. Bob has significant experience in private business, previously as a home builder and currently and for the past 17 years owning and operating five Canadian and American companies involved in the manufacturing business.

Mr. Rene Spielman
Mr. Spielmann has been involved in private businesses for over 20 years. His primary focus has been in the food service industry manufacturing baked goods that have been shipped throughout North America.

He is a logistics and operations specialist and has taken the present operation that he is involved with from a small retail bakery to a multi million dollar wholesale production facility. He got involved with ILI as an investor and then chose to become a Director to support the team in the restructuring and growth of the company.